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By Craig Medeiros

Targeting players from teams that have offensive minded systems and coaches is always wise and certainly helps gives you a chance at beating your opponent each week.

In my opinion the top offensive systems in the NFL are Dallas (Jason Garrett), Detroit (Scott Linehan), Green Bay (Mike McCarthy), Houston (Gary Kubiak), New England (Josh McDaniels), New Orleans (Sean Payton), Washington (Mike Shanahan), and Philadelphia (Chip Kelly).

New Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly had a very fast, no huddle, aggressive style in college that he will bring to the NFL. His teams consistently pile up yards and points each season and always end up with more possessions than their opponent due to their creative, fast paced, attacking style offenses. More possessions = More Chances at Points.

Green Bay, New England and New Orleans have had terrific offenses for years now at that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon. Sure, these teams all have great Quarterbacks but they also have continuity in their coordinators and supporting casts. A great quarterback and system can make average players good and good players great. Don’t be turned off by thinking that most of these teams have so many weapons that there are not enough balls to go around. Has that been the case in New England, Green Bay, and New Orleans the last couple of years? Last year Aaron Rodgers spread the ball to Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb, James Jones, and Jermichael Finley. They all had success in 2012 while racking up the fantasy points. In New England and New Orleans Tom Brady and Drew Brees have been doing the same thing that Rodgers has been doing for years now. These great quarterbacks have the ability to get the ball too so many different players and have success. Get a piece of the pie and draft as many players as you can from these three teams and you’ll be sitting pretty at the end of the year.

Top 10 Offensive Systems from 2012

    #TOP 200 ADP 2012 FANTASY
RK TM 2012 2013 PTS PPG
1 New England Patriots Team Page Logo 9 7 1455 90.9
2 New Orleans Saints 8 8 1435 89.7
3 Denver Broncos Team Page Logo 7 8 1299 81.2
4 Green Bay Packers 6 8 1243 77.7
5 Atlanta Falcons Team Page Logo 6 6 1226 76.6
6 Detroit Lions Team Page Logo 7 5 1207 75.4
7 Washington Redskins 7 3 1190 74.4
8 Dallas Cowboys Team Page Logo 6 5 1185 74.1
9 New York Giants Team Page Logo 6 6 1159 72.4
10 Houston Texans 5 4 1153 72.1

Just as there are great offensive systems, there are teams that lack creativity and like to play more of a clock-chewing, ball possession type game. Stay away from players on Jacksonville, Minnesota, Arizona and the New York Jets. Yes, there are a few players out of this group that are good fantasy performers (Maurice Jones Drew), (Adrian Peterson), and (Larry Fitzgerald), but unlike the offensive-minded teams, the supporting cast and quarterback play on these teams is marginal at best. Inconsistent QB play leads to lots of punts leading to the opponent consistently having the ball thus eliminating the opportunities to rack up stats.

Bottom 10 Offensive Systems from 2012

    #TOP 200 ADP 2012 FANTASY
RK TM 2012 2013 PTS PPG
23 St. Louis Rams Team Page Logo 3 7 950 59.4
24 Chicago Bears Team Page Logo 7 5 938 58.6
25 Miami Dolphins Team Page Logo 4 3 929 58.1
26 San-Diego-Chargers-Team-Page-Logo 6 6 926 57.9
27 Tennessee Titans Team Page Logo 6 3 892 55.8
28 Cleveland Browns 1 3 841 52.6
29 Jacksonville Jaguars Team Page Logo 3 3 836 52.3
30 New York Jets 3 3 783 48.9
31 Arizona Cardinals Team Page Logo 4 5 764 47.8
32 Kansas City Chiefs 4 3 741 46.3
Danny Amendola

Patriots WR Danny Amendola


Lets focus on some under the radar players that have joined offensive-minded systems in the off-season, increasing their fantasy value for 2013.

The first name that comes to mind is Wide Receiver Danny Amendola, who joined the New England Patriots over the offseason. Amendola will replace Wes Welker in the slot who thrived in that role for years in New England. Tom Brady threw 637 passes in 2012 while Sam Bradford, Amendola’s quarterback last year, threw just 551 passes. I expect, if healthy, Amendola putting up similar numbers to what Welker has put up in the past.

A sleeper to keep an eye on is Cleveland Browns TE Jordan Cameron. New  Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski was the TE coach in San Diego when Antonio Gates had some nice fantasy stats. Chudzinski loves getting the TE position involved. Norv Turner, the Browns new Offensive Coordinator also has a history of TEs having success under him. Gates in San Diego and Jay Novacek in Dallas. All signs point to Cameron to have a big role in the Browns offense this year.

Steven Jackson 3

Falcons RB Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson goes from St. Louis to Atlanta where he should benefit as he finally has a supporting cast around him to help him out. In St Louis he was always the focal point and teams keyed on him. With Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez teams can’t afford to stack the line of scrimmage. Jackson should get plenty of goal line carries as Atlanta has one of the best offenses and loves to run inside the 20.

Chris Ivory goes from New Orleans where there was always a committee to the New York Jets where he’ll be the starter. He should get plenty of opportunities as the Jets will probably have a rookie QB starting most of the season and don’t have much else in terms of offensive weapons.

A couple of other guys to keep an eye on are wideouts Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin in Philly. With new Head Coach Chip Kelly in town optimism is sky high in the city of brotherly love. Kelly is known for his quick passes and bubble screens that should end up getting Jackson and Maclin tons of opportunities to make something happen. Jackson is arguably at his best with the ball in his hands and space to move, don’t be surprised if he thrives under Kelly.

Greg Jennings

Vikings WR Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings goes from Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers to Minnesota and Christian Ponder. Minnesota loves to run the rock and why wouldn’t you with Adrian Peterson in the backfield? Kyle Rudolph is Ponder’s favorite target in the red zone so it’s hard to predict what exactly Jennings’ role will be.

Shonn Greene was the starter for the Jets and now will be the backup to Chris Johnson in Tennessee. He should get a lot less carries, but should the goal line back.




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