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2010 NFL Draft Revisited: Part I – Top 5 Team Classes

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2010 NFL Draft All Draft Team


C.J. Spiller 2

RB C.J. Spiller

Our 2010 NFL Draft All Draft Offensive team is loaded with play makers, physical specimen and a gifted offensive line.

St. Louis QB Sam Bradford finally has the weapons and offensive lineman to protect him. It would be interesting to see how Bradford would do with some help, he hasn’t had much so far in his three years with the Rams. Buffalo’s C.J. Spiller is a homer run hitter. He has the potential on each and every play to take it to the house. Spiller looks like he’ll finally be the man this year for the Bills and would run wild behind this offensive line. Dallas’ Dez Bryant and Denver’s Demaryius Thomas present a dangerous 1-2 Wide Receiver combo. Both are match-up nightmares with their blend of size and speed. The scariest part of this offense though has to be the double Tight End combination of New England’s Rob Gronkowski and New Orleans’ Jimmy Graham. Can you just imagine these two guys running up and down the field together? If Gronkowski couldn’t play due to injury, don’t panic, there’s and endless supply of Tight Ends coming off the bench. New England’s Aaron Hernandez, Cincinnati’s Jermaine Gresham and Baltimore’s Dennis Pitta are chomping at the bit to get out there and make plays.

Maurkice Pouncey

C Maurkice Pouncey

The 2010 All Draft Offensive line is dominant. They are a blend of size, strength & agility. Bradford’s blindside is well taken care of with Washington’s LT Trent Williams and his front side isn’t too shabby either with San Francisco’s Anthony Davis, who has developed into one of the best Right Tackles in the league. Manning the middle is Pittsburgh’s Maurkice Pouncey, who in most people’s opinion is the best Center in the league today. At Guard you have two hard nosed, nasty grinders with San Francisco’s Mike Iupati and Denver’s Zane Beadles.

This offense is darn near impossible to match-up with. Giving Bradford the time to pick out the mismatches each and every play would make this offense simply unstoppable. The possibilities and points would be endless.

Pos Round Pick Player Team College
QB 1 1 Bradford, Sam St. Louis Oklahoma
RB 1 9 Spiller, C.J. Buffalo Clemson
WR 1 24 Bryant, Dez Dallas Oklahoma State
WR 1 22 Thomas, Demaryius Denver Georgia Tech
TE 2 42 Gronkowski, Rob New England Arizona
TE 3 95 Graham, Jimmy New Orleans Miami
LT 1 4 Williams, Trent Washington Oklahoma
LG 1 17 Iupati, Mike San Francisco Idaho
C 1 18 Pouncey, Maurkice Pittsburgh Florida
RG 2 45 Beadles, Zane Denver Utah
RT 1 11 Davis, Anthony San Francisco Rutgers



Ndamakung Suh

DT Ndamakong Suh

Our 2010 NFL Draft All Defensive Team is loaded with dominant defensive lineman, absolute tackling machine linebackers, play-making cornerbacks and hit laying safeties.

This defensive line would wreak havoc on an opposing offensive line and quarterback. Who do you double team? Any one of these guys left single covered will quickly put your quarterback in the hospital. Cincinnati’s Geno Atkins and Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh are arguably the two most dominant defensive tackles in the game today. Pair these guys together and you have something out of this world. The opposing offensive line would have to pay so much attention to the interior that Cincinnati’s Carlos Dunlap and New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul would have field days off the edges.

The linebacking core is filled with three versatile and physical players who hardly ever come off the field. Arizona’s Daryl Washington and Dallas’ Sean Lee are sure handed tacklers who always seem to have their hat on the football. The best of the bunch is San Francisco’s Navarro Bowman who has already made the All-Pro first team twice in just three seasons.

Earl Thomas Kam Chancellor

S Earl Thomas & Kam Chancellor

The secondary is comprised of athletic ballhawkers who seem to always be in the right spot. Cleveland’s Joe Haden and Houston’s Kareem Jackson form a terrific in your face cornerback duo. The strength in the secondary however lies with the safeties. Seattle’s Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor form the best safety duo in the NFL today. They complement each other so well and bring the intimidation you need to lock down the middle of the field.

This defense is ultra aggressive and talented and would give any offense problems. It would be tough to score with the constant pressure up the middle and the boom laying ballhawkers in the back.

Pos Round Pick Player Team College
DE 2 54 Dunlap, Carlos Cincinnati Florida
DT 4 120 Atkins, Geno Cincinnati Georgia
DT 1 2 Suh, Ndamukong Detroit Nebraska
DE 1 15 Pierre-Paul, Jason N.Y. Giants South Florida
LB 2 47 Washington, Daryl Arizona TCU
LB 3 91 Bowman, Navorro San Francisco Penn State
LB 2 55 Lee, Sean Dallas Penn State
CB 1 7 Haden, Joe Cleveland Florida
CB 1 20 Jackson, Kareem Houston Alabama
FS 1 14 Thomas, Earl Seattle Texas
SS 5 133 Chancellor, Kam Seattle Virginia Tech






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